I’m Lisa, the proud owner of i candy.

iCandy is like my unplanned and very much loved first child..

I knew I wanted a career where I was doing something to help others but somehow at the age of 30, I found myself entrenched in a corporate role that left me deeply dissatisfied.

Armed with my grandfather's antique guillotine I started making a few cards on the side. I loved expressing myself creatively. Encouraged by some wonderfully supportive retailers, in the year 2000 I took a leap into the unknown and started icandy.

While my peers were scaling the corporate ladder, I embraced the role of a new parent to a fledgling business. Like any parent, the journey was filled with challenges and triumphs, often marked by moments of loneliness as I navigated this unconventional path. But deep within, I knew it was the only path for me—the road less travelled, but undeniably mine.

iCandy has been my constant companion. A channel for my creativity and a reflection of my life's journey, seeing me through all the various trials and tribulations. Loves, losses, life lessons and plenty of laughter. And while the creative process has been cathartic for me personally one of the most rewarding aspects has been the feedback I have received over the years. People have expressed how they have connected with the iCandy messages on an emotional level and how these messages have often provided them with the words they needed to express themselves to others.

iCandy has evolved to encompass a range of meaningful products, including two children's books with important messages for the young (and young at heart). 

Looking back, I'm filled with gratitude for the path I chose - which now includes a supportive hubby, two fur babies and two more children who have grown up alongside little miss iCandy.

In addition I would not be where I am without the support of some special icandy people- namely Suzy and Miriam who anchor me and enable me to be my creative best. Together with my wonderful little team, we strive to keep our offerings fresh and relatable, all while staying true to our roots as a 100% New Zealand-made brand. 

It is my hope that my firstborn continues to sprinkle her magic wherever she goes. 

That she can help you to connect with others and make a difference in someone’s day...

Lisa x